Erica Vetra

Erica Vetra

Yoga Instructor

I believe in the courage to know ourselves fully, to tap into our strengths, to rise to our full potential, and live our fullest life.

I grew up with a wonderful family that encouraged strong values of compassion, honesty, and respect. My great loves are music, languages, travel, and yoga. My father taught me the piano and drums at a young age, opening my ears to jazz and classical music. I began learning Spanish and Italian as a teenager, feeding my hunger for language with international travel any chance I could get. When I was 15, I discovered yoga by accident at my local YMCA and a continuous practice was born. After studying Philosophy and Italian language in college, my travels led me to a career in International Education. For ten years I worked as a language teacher, translator, immigration advisor, and study abroad program administrator. I traveled and lived abroad, moving from Italy to Spain to Mexico to Thailand and back to the States. I tried my hand at teaching yoga in Rome, and my path as a yoga teacher began to take shape.

One day I woke up and realized that I was not living the life I wanted. It was time to stop living according to rules that I had neither written nor identified with. I decided to appreciate what a gift my own life was, and to make it into something I absolutely loved. I knew that I loved connecting with people, traveling, communicating, and teaching. I had been teaching yoga part time for the past four years, and in 2014 I made the leap out of my job and into working for myself. I started my business as a yoga teacher and I have never looked back.

Yoga has been my truest teacher and guide. It helps me stay true to myself and my path – it teaches me to be a better human. Connect with me at