Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth Davis

Yoga Instructor

Elizabeth has been teaching yoga since 2009. She started her practice in college to free her mind and body of stress. In her class, you can expect to explore familiar poses with a fresh twist, moving in a true flow-style to rinse out tension, stress, and negativity.

In addition to yoga, Elizabeth has also extensively studied energy & crystal healing, spirituality, tantra, and meditation. She offers energetic healing work, life and sex coaching.

Elizabeth believes that teaching and being in service of others is her life purpose. She understands the empowerment that you receive from the practice of self inquiry, self development, and movement through her own life journey and witness the growth with those she works with.

She is a true gem to be around and work with as she holds space for you to be your authentic self.

To learn more about her offerings go to: lizcdavis.com