Urban sophistication meets outdoor adventure in The Mile High City. We’ll make shapes in the sunshine, bike in and around downtown, and hang with the locals.

Enjoy 4 days of intensive yoga and pot education in a progressive destination perfect for such openness.

We’ll begin with a yoga practice, followed by private consultations with experienced yoga, cannabis, and Ayurveda experts, then the program provided will be tailored around your pot dosha, aka your kusha.

  • A 4-hour educational tour of marijuana farms and dispensaries
  • Cannabis cooking, Ayurveda, and mindful relaxation classes
  • Cannabis and yoga curations for your body/personality type
  • Luxury Private Lounge to consume pot freely and practice yoga at your leisure
  • CBD oil massage
  • Farm-to-table dining
  • Champagne/Kombucha/Cannabis toast with intention setting for the New Year
  • And much more!

Space is limited so be sure to reserve your spot early!

The Plan

FRI/ Dec 30
Start 1:00 PM
Denver, CO
3:00 PM

Cannabis Tour

by City Sessions


  • Shuttle Pickup
  • Tour a commercial grow facility to learn about the process of growing cannabis from clone to cure
  • Dispensary visit to browse and sample
  • City sightseeing and cannabis session
  • Yoga Class
  • Voodoo Doughnut
  • Drop off at Private Lounge
7:30 PM

Lounge Introduction

Private Lounge introduction with discussion on the upcoming days + optional cannabis session

8:00 PM

Closing the evening

Walk through the neighborhood with a stop at a 17th street hotspot

9:30 PM

Optional Yin

45 minute evening Yin Yoga practice

SAT/ Dec 31
Start 9:00 AM
Denver, CO
9:00 AM

In-depth introduction to the KUSHA system

Learn about cannabis consumption in a way that brings benefit to each individual body/personality

9:30 AM

90 minute practice

Kapha Kusha Class with Sativa Vinyasa Flow

12:00 PM

Cannabis Smoothie Making Class

1:30 PM

90 minute practice

Vata Kusha Class with Hybrid High-CBD Hatha Flow

5:30 PM

90 minute practice

Pitta Kusha Class with Potent Indica Yin Flow

8:00 PM


Farm-to-Table Dinner

12:00 AM


Champagne/Kombucha/Cannabis Toast

Set your New Year’s intention while moving through a Glow Yoga Flow


SUN/ Jan 1
Start 9:00 AM
Denver, CO
9:00 AM

Caffeinated Yoga
Practice with coffee-cannabis cocktails

11:00 AM

New Year’s Brunch

Cannabis Tasting Menu Brunch at the Private Lounge

2:00 PM

Cannabis Cooking 101

Cannabis cooking class with Ayurvedic leanings for various kushas

4:20 PM

90 minute practice

Mixed Kusha Class with a focus on how to balance through the seasons and how to create a lasting home practice

7:30 PM

Dinner with Special Guest

Dinner at the Private Lounge with a special guest speaker

MON/ Jan 2
Start 9:00 AM
Denver, CO
9:00 AM


Close out your stay with a Slow Canna Flow and class discussion

11:00 PM

Until next time!

Send off with KUSHA swag bags

KUSHA Guidance

Harleigh Reynolds

Harleigh Reynolds

Owner & Yoga Instructor

I found my way to yoga in 2007 while recovering from a traumatic accident that ...

Jen Hilman

Jen Hilman

CBD Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor

"My aim is to help empower you to take control of your health and wellbeing ...

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