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Your kusha is your suggested cannabis/method of usage and yoga style given your body type and disposition, as determined through the lens of Ayurveda.

The following quiz will establish where you fall within this traditional system of medicine and what suggestions we can offer you. You can respond to these queries in two different ways: how you feel right now or how you usually feel in general.

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Based on your answers, your dosha is


Vatas seek out new experiences, stimulation, and thrive on variety. Vatas are usually the life of the party; adventures and novelty are what they seek. Balanced vatas are imaginative, malleable, vivacious, and creative. Action and initiative are taken by them often. Big talkers and enjoyable in a room, but have tendency to talk over people. They are often compelling and can completely change a situation.

Unbalanced vatas are flighty, sleep deprived, absent-minded, and can suffer anxiety. Vatas are always on the move and can often steal the time of others by regularly running late. Vatas are creative types with lofty ideas, but very little follow through. Vata kushas need stability.

By grounding through routine, they will create a rhythm that will allow more productivity and emotional stability. Because of this need for grounding, a vata’s cannabis consumption is suggested as edibles, tinctures, and vaporizers. Fire, as in actual smoke, may irritate vatas’ ability to settle. Vatas’ energy levels would suggest that indica with a strong CBD undercurrent would help them find a sense of grounding.


Pitta kushas are typically Type A kind of people who are organized, disciplined, and get things done. Pittas tend to run hot, being quick to anger, fast to criticize, but can also easily stay on track.

Pittas in balance are sharp-witted, forward, and clear. Naturally competitive and quick to solve problems, they are always looking for a challenge. Leadership abilities run strong in pittas, pushing them towards powerful positions often. Unbalanced pittas are fiery, cantankerous, manipulative, critical, and confrontational, and they often have a “my way or the highway” personality.

Moderation is the balancing force of the pitta kusha. Prone to running hot and constantly needing to cool down in mind, body, and soul. Pitta kushas should make sure to stay fed and laugh at regular intervals. When left without food or humor, pittas can turn the world into fire. Our cannabis suggestion for pitta kushas would be to use edibles, tinctures, or vaporizing, as smoking would heat up an already hot disposition.

Pittas’ strain preference may include more pure indica with less CBD content in order to initiate more body high and less of a racing mind. CBD oil and massage may become a pitta kusha’s best friend. Each kusha is intensely personal, and your preferences may be different.


Kapha kushas are serene and loyal. Balanced kaphas are measured, avaliable, tender, and calm. They are pacifists and caretakers. Good listeners who are patient and tolerant. Positive enough, they are often asked for advice, and are comfortable with most people. A necessity for routine leaves them strongly tied emotionally to the material world and personal relationships.

For kapha kushas to find balance, they need stimulation. Vigorous movement, bright lights, big sounds, and vivid experiences lead them to contentment. Kapha imbalance can create sedentary, lethargic, underutilized personalities. Kapha kusha cannabis consumption suggestions are as follows: smoking, vaporizing, and tinctures.

As kapha kushas need energy, smoking may build heat and texture, and the full body high of some edibles may need to be avoided. Energetic movement and consumption of cannabis product might be recommended in excess of other kushas.


Balance is not static for these individuals, it requires work and effort to maintain. Vata/Kapha types truly do have their work cut out for them. Their body type will most often tend toward Kapha, being solid and strong, rather than thin and fragile. For the most part, this type will maintain good health, yet they can be prone to injuries which cause impediments to their well being. These injuries arise often from the Vata side of their personality, which can frequently struggle to create novelty. The most visible qualities of the Vata/Kapha combination are the quick wittedness and intuition of Vata, with the diligence and structure of Kapha. The goal-oriented Kapha side can often regulate the short-sighted Vata, leading to a steadfast disposition.

With big, open hearts and balanced minds, this type is an asset to friends and coworkers alike. Their service-oriented nature along with their clear communication allows them to find common ground to stand on. When unbalanced, they can be difficult to deal with as they are battling internal opposites. Vata wants novelty, Kapha desires structure; Vata wants late nights and questionable decisions, Kapha wants to wake up refreshed at the same time as the day before. Finding the middle road takes practice., and a little patience can go a long way.

To keep the Kapha side focused, the yoga asana we suggest is Power Vinyasa; to calm the Vata side, we recommend Yin. Cannabis suggestions for this type include the following: vaporizing balanced hybrids in regulated measures, tinctures where dosage could be closely monitored, and perhaps even just letting the Vata side loose by smoking a nicely rolled joint. Keep in mind that edibles could potentially imbalance an already fluctuating mind and upset the constitution by being too strong for either side to manage.


This type is amongst the strongest and most physically capable of all the combinations when in balance. Fierce competitors with the disposition to work towards a goal, they can turn mud into bricks with their will alone. Pitta fuels the fire and Kapha directs the flame. This is the type most sports icons in our society embody, as the structured and driven nature of their personality builds success. They run hotter and stronger than a pure Pitta, having the Earth of Kapha to fuel their Pitta fire.

Without routine and movement this type can burn out and become lethargic. Natural planners instead of risk-takers, this type needs to constantly be challenged, but by their own doing. Goal-oriented tasks that they define for themselves are easily done. Great leaders and motivators, the Kapha side is good with people and management, while the Pitta side seeks power and will definitely work to get it. They have the grit and grace it takes to make it, but that grit can sometimes rub others the wrong way. They are prone to eat overly rich and fried foods, and while they may be able to digest these foods easily in their youth, over time their diet can cause digestive trouble. Once they reach their mid-thirties after years of poor eating, they can balloon out with sudden weight gain.

The type of yoga KUSHA recommends is a Vin Yin practice. Finding movement and strength, as well as grounding and tranquility. Our cannabis recommendations tend to be geared more towards Pitta than Kapha for this type so as to avoid adding to an already fiery disposition. As such, tinctures and edibles would be the best route to a healthy high. When in the middle of a physical or emotional winter, perhaps indulge in smoking, but only enough to gently spark the soul, no need to burn the whole forest down; this type burns bright enough already.


Welcome to a world of variety. Fire and Air dance together through innumerable combinations within this duo. Very often, one side of the mixture will express itself as the primary personality type, while the other side will be the dominate force of the body shape and composition. For the most part, these types will be slimmer and can expose the dry, anxious qualities of Vata or the hot, dynamic qualities of Pitta. It is more important for this kusha type to look within through meditation to discern their dominant traits.

Metabolism drives the bus for this kusha combo, as it lays out the road to balance. This type is relatively disease-free and stronger than a pure Vata. However, they are not as resistant to sickness as someone who is solely Pitta. If unbalanced, they can suffer the physical and mental problems of both sides. In balance they are a force, driven and athletic like Pitta with the practical and persistent Vata center. Thriving in athletic competitions and social settings, these communicators make great teachers, coaches, and managers, as they are always learning. Curiosity burns in Pitta, while Vata manages to absorb lessons through its focus and goal-driven nature.

An unbalanced Vata/Pitta may be insecure, frustrated, and indecisive. This can boil over into unbecoming aggression and irrational behavior in public. To quell these imbalances, KUSHA recommends a yoga practice focusing on Hatha and Yin; the long holds of Hatha and the mental side of Yin are practically a necessity for this type. In regards to cannabis, we recommend straying away from stoking heat in the body, and instead encourage softer ingestion. This means edibles, vaping, tinctures, and topicals are all within the realm of smart cannabis usage.


Tridoshic people are said to be the rarest of the bunch. Within them is an equal balance over all the elements: fire, water, earth, air, and ether. Good temperament and thoughtful decision makers, they learn quickly and retain information well. Their physique is near ideal with a body weight that fits the frame perfectly. This does not lead to immunity; in fact, it may even mean that there are a wider array of pitfalls for them to avoid. While Tridoshic individuals are blessed with good balance, perfect harmony, and a solid bill of health, they are also equally prone to imbalances and diseases.

When in balance, they can be a force to be reckoned with. Having said that, equilibrium is not static. Usually very centered, extremes of any kind tend to disturb these types emotionally, and can sometimes lead to mental health problems if left untreated. Constant attention must be paid to maintain a grounded center.

For the Tridoshic individual, we recommend a steady and vigorous Power Vinyasa yoga practice, following your intuition and the seasons of Ayurveda. Any and all cannabis consumption methods are on the table for this individual. That being said, adjusting to the season of Ayurveda (Pitta is Summer/Fall, Vata being Fall/Winter, and Kapha brings us Winter/Spring) and the relevant Kusha is recommended.

During orientation at our retreats, we focus on the yoga and cannabis combination that best fits your kusha. Join us for an adventure in personal growth and travel!

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