Defining Your Kusha

Kusha is your suggested cannabis preference given your body type and disposition, as determined by the classical yogic system of medicine, Ayurveda.


Vatas seek out new experiences, stimulation, and thrive on variety. These individuals are usually the life of the party; adventures and novelty are what they seek. Balanced Vatas are imaginative, malleable, vivacious, and creative. Action and initiative are taken by them often. Big talkers and enjoyable in a room, but have tendency to talk over people. They are often compelling and can completely change a situation.

Unbalanced Vatas are flighty, sleep deprived, absent-minded, and can suffer anxiety. Vatas are always on the move and can often steal the time of others by regularly running late. They are creative types with lofty ideas, but very little follow through. As a result, they truly need stability.

By grounding through routine, they will create a rhythm that will allow more productivity and emotional stability. Because of this need for grounding, a Vata’s cannabis consumption is suggested as edibles, tinctures, and vaporizers. Fire, as in actual smoke, may irritate Vatas’ ability to settle. Vatas’ energy levels would suggest that indica with a strong CBD undercurrent would help them find a sense of grounding.


Pitta kushas are typically Type A kind of people who are organized, disciplined, and get things done. Pittas tend to run hot, being quick to anger, fast to criticize, but can also easily stay on track.

Pittas in balance are sharp-witted, forward, and clear. Naturally competitive and quick to solve problems, they are always looking for a challenge. Leadership abilities run strong in pittas, pushing them towards powerful positions often. Unbalanced Pittas are fiery, cantankerous, manipulative, critical, and confrontational, and they often have a “my way or the highway” personality.

Moderation is the balancing force of the Pitta kusha. Prone to running hot and constantly needing to cool down in mind, body, and soul. Pitta kushas should make sure to stay fed and laugh at regular intervals. When left without food or humor, Pittas can turn the world into fire. Our cannabis suggestion for Pitta kushas would be to use edibles, tinctures, or vaporizing, as smoking would heat up an already hot disposition.

Pittas’ strain preference may include more pure indica with less CBD content in order to initiate more body high and less of a racing mind. CBD oil and massage may become a Pitta’s best friend. Each kusha is intensely personal, and your preferences may be different.


Kapha kushas are serene and loyal. Balanced Kaphas are measured, available, tender, and calm. They are pacifists and caretakers. Good listeners who are patient and tolerant. Positive enough, they are often asked for advice and are comfortable with most people. A necessity for routine leaves them strongly tied emotionally to the material world and personal relationships.

For Kapha kushas to find balance, they need stimulation. Vigorous movement, bright lights, big sounds, and vivid experiences lead them to contentment. Kapha imbalance can create sedentary, lethargic, underutilized personalities. Kapha kusha cannabis consumption suggestions are as follows: smoking, vaporizing, and tinctures.

As Kaphas need energy, smoking may build heat and texture, and the full body high of some edibles may need to be avoided. Energetic movement and consumption of cannabis product might be recommended in excess of other kushas.

During our retreats, we explore the varieties of yoga and cannabis that best fit your Kusha. Join us for a journey through personal growth and higher education!

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